Vision Problems
& Correction

Better Vision for Better Quality of Life

Not everyone sees as well as another or has the capacity for perfect vision. But your vision does have a personal best, and at Ives Eyecare Center, we can help you achieve better vision and healthier eyes.

Seeing your best helps you enjoy life more.

Common Vision Problems

causes blurred, distorted vision of one degree or another. It is caused by an uneven curvature of the cornea, which may be hereditary and present at birth. In minor cases, no treatment is required.
is farsightedness and means that you have no trouble seeing at a distance, but your close-range vision is blurry. This is caused when your eye is shorter, front to back, than needed to focus on nearby objects.
is the opposite of hyperopia. Your vision is good at close range but not as clear at a distance. As you might think, it is caused when the eye is longer, front to back, than need to focus on distant objects.
is a result of aging. As we grow older, our eyes often lose flexibility, making it more difficult to focus on close objects. This is why reading may be more difficult past a certain age. Unfortunately, while a healthy and active lifestyle has many benefits, there is no known ways to prevent the natural aging of the eye.

Common Vision Corrections

are among the most common, time-honored methods of correcting vision problems from astigmatism to aging eyes. They are often the most affordable, safe, and trusted methods of vision correction. When you consult with our doctors of optometry, we’ll help you decide if glasses or contact lenses are best for you.
is laser refractive surgery for the eye. It is used to precisely change the shape of your cornea and thereby improve your vision. Like all technologies, LASIK continues to improve in safety and results each year.

While Ives Eyecare Center DOES NOT perform LASIK surgery, we can make recommendations and provide pre and post-op care. Whether or not LASIK is for you depends on your prescription, the shape of your eye, and the thickness of your cornea.
(Orthokeratology). Remember how many times you’ve been told not to wear your contacts at night? With corneal reshaping we fit you with special contacts you DO place in your eyes overnight. This is a good technique for patients with mild nearsightedness. It helps your cornea reach its perfect shape overnight, giving you clear vision during the day without wearing anything at all!

Corneal reshaping is a temporary effect, and you must continue to wear the contacts and night to maintain the vision improvement.
For some patients with more severe eye problems, such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and more, we evaluate you for the use of low vision devices and provide the training necessary to use them. Our mission is to help you use your remaining vision to the greatest possible extent in reading, working, and living a normal lifestyle.

You are in a good hands....