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I had my eye appointment today with Dr. Alexa Ives. What a true professional! The appointment began with several tests including one for Glaucoma. The technician was very polite and extremely professional. Dr. Alexa then began to give me an explanation of the results of the tests. She was very thorough and was patient answering my many questions. Fortunately, the results were good, however she sent a prescription to my Pharmacy. I strongly recommend the Ives Eyecare practice. They are true Professionals!!!
3 weeks ago
- Gerald R.
The office staff and doctors are always very helpful.
3 weeks ago
- Gilmore M.
All of our experiences with Ives Eye Care have been great! The staff is caring and knowledgeable. They see adults and children, while other eye drs do not. They have an abundance of frames to choose from if you need glasses. If you choose contacts they will take to tine to teach you how to put them in and take them out, with patience. We are grateful to find them close by, in Murrysville.
3 weeks ago
- Rebecca D.
They are very professional, kind and caring. I have been going to Ives Eye care for years. I would recommend them to anybody. They are very pleasant and friendly.
4 weeks ago
- Bonnie Y.
They office and staff were prompt, friendly, professional.
4 weeks ago
- Thomas M.
The best experience I've ever had with any doctor. Highly recommend. Top eye doctors this side of the Mississippi
1 month ago
- David K.
I was seen by Dr. Tessa Ives last year for a yearly exam and glasses and she explained in detail a lot of the things about my macular degeneration I did not know. She was kind, knowledgeable, professional and friendly. A week ago I was seen by Dr. Alexa Ives as I was recently had cataract surgery and was then diagnosed with Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy. I called in the morning with my concerns and was given an appointment to see her at 2 pm. She examined my eyes and referred me to a cornea and cataract specialist to confirm her findings. I was very scared and upset when I got there and when I left I was no longer confused and was relaxed. Both doctors and the staff are very professional, kind, friendly and knowledgeable and treated me like I was family. I high recommend Ives Eyecare they are the best!!!
2 months ago
- Maggie M.
Ives Eye Care is a wonderful place to go and get your eyes examined, the staff is knowledgeable and genuinely concerned with your well being. I'd definitely recommend to anyone!
1 week ago
- Amanda P.
Always friendly and professional.
2 weeks ago
- Daniel G.
The staff were incredibly friendly and Dr. Ives was very professional and answered all of my questions. The frames selection was a bit small and on the pricey side, but this is a smaller practice so it makes sense they wouldn't have a million options like the bigger chains. The staff explained my benefits to me very well and made sure that I was happy with the decisions we made for my frames and lenses. Overall, I'd highly recommend this practice to anyone!
1 month ago
- Colleen F.
What a wonderful staff! Everyone was awesome!
1 month ago
- Melody G.
So thorough and customer centric. Too their time to show me all different frames. Greatly appreciate their customer service.
1 month ago
- Pat M.
Let me tell you about Dr. Ives, specifically Lexi. The short version- She has without a doubt, and by no means am I exaggerating, changed my life and has given it back to me. The medical field as a whole could learn so so much from her, and I’m beyond grateful to have ended up sitting in her exam chair to miserably pry my eye open for her. If you are looking for an optometrist look no further. You won’t regret it. The how my eye doctor “saved” my life version- It’s likely a rare thing to be said that one’s eye doctor saved their life but I’m telling you it happens. One day I blinked and was randomly struck by some of the most excruciating eye pain I’ve ever experienced. Pain that felt as though someone attached a white hot razor blade to the underside of my lid that relentlessly sliced my eye to shreds with every blink or the slightest movement. Pain to the degree I entirely lost the voluntary ability to open my eye, and after what felt like an eternity of flushing my eye in a near panic I gave up trying to find relief. Not wanting to be “a ridiculous baby” about what I determined could only be a stuck lash I chose to take far more than the recommended dose of Benadryl and headed to bed in hopes that I’d wake up to find said lash in a corner blob of eye goo in the morning. Morning came and no such luck, the pain was even worse. I mostly blindly stumbled to the kitchen for a drink and then straight back to sleep I went. I legitimately could not physically tolerate being awake. Nearing the end of the 3rd day at this painful sleep, stumble and repeat routine I ran out of Benadryl and was incapable of driving to get more. Unable to sleep any longer I laid in bed for hours willing the pain to go away, when suddenly just as random as the pain appeared it entirely vanished, leaving only a trace of redness behind. It was the strangest occurrence and made me wonder if I had lost it and either imagined or dreamt the last 72 hours. Life resumed as normal and I almost forgot about the experience until 6 weeks later just after the beginning of my spring college semester it happened again, and then again a month later, and then it started that most mornings it happened for a few minutes to a few hours, although annoying and inconvenient I learned the first time how to “deal” with it, and the negative effect on my life was largely kept to a minimum. But then came the time it happened late one night during the sleep deprived haze of accelerated summer course midterms, 6 credits, thousands of dollars and my future financial aid eligibility were on the line now. 10am the following morning I caved to the pain and called my eye doctors office. After a quick explanation of what was happening the only question asked was - how soon can you get here? That morning I walked in their office with tears running down my face in such pain I was unable to drive myself there as I could barely tolerate the sunlight on the ride despite my eyes being closed, sunglasses on and a shirt over my face. What I assumed was the growth of an eyelash gone rouge became a rare disorder of the cornea that causes abrasions and I had a massive one. Symptomatically affecting only a believed 2% of the population but she recognized it instantly, explaining the how, what, and the why to me to textbook perfection in plain English. 20 minutes later I walked out of there into the sunlight with both eyes open, and without sunglasses on while being entirely pain free. I had a diagnosis, a current plan of care and although there isn’t a cure I was informed of the future management options I had to try for prevention. I’ve experienced quite a few more abrasions since that day as we have experimented with treatments, some helping, some entirely failing but such is the nature of the beast. However every step of the way both compassionate help in the desperate moments and hope for a pain free future are only a text or call to Dr. Ives away.
1 month ago
- Elissa
Very good and everyone is very friendly.
2 months ago
- Mike Z.

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