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Vision Source Signature Eyecare

We are proud members of Vision Source, North America’s Premier Network of Private Practice Optometrists. The folks at Vision Source are dedicated to helping us provide the highest quality eye care available while maintaining a personal relationship between patients and their family eye doctor.

Vision Source doctors do so much more than sell frames, lenses, and contacts. We detect disease and manage care for eyes affected by chronic conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, hypertension, and macular degeneration. Working together with our Vision Source healthcare partners, we “deliver positive outcomes and the gold standard in patient care.”

You can have the utmost confidence that you and your family’s eyecare is in the right hands when you go to a Vision Source member doctor.

Prokera® Corneal Treatments

One of the most common eye injuries is to the cornea, the eye’s clear protective outer layer. Scratches and abrasions can be very painful, and the cornea can also be compromised by disease and infection.

At Ives Eyecare Center, we can quickly reduce inflammation and promote quality healing with Prokera®, a technique using cryopreserved amniotic tissue – the only tissue cleared for wound healing by the FDA.

Prokera® provides natural therapeutic actions that help damaged eye surfaces heal. Using this technique, we’ve seen effective healing of the cornea with less pain, scarring, and inflammation, while also providing better outcomes and a clearer, healed cornea.

Dilation Free Eye Exams

Did you know that most patients today can enjoy a basic eye exam without yearly dilation through the use of our wide angle retinal camera. No more having to lose time from work or have someone drive you to your appointment.

While dilation free exams are fast and convenient for most of our patients, dilation is still recommended every other year for the health of the eye.

Yearly dilated eye exams are performed on every diabetic patient, as well as patients suspected of having a retinal hole or tear. Dilation is also done on patients with very small pupils.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

At Ives Eyecare Center, we offer some of the newest technology in the region, including the new Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scanners. This non-invasive imaging test uses light waves to take cross-sectional pictures of your retina. It allows us to map and measure changes in your retina, helping us to recognize and treat diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration.

With OCT, we can detect eye diseases earlier than ever before, leading to earlier treatment and better outcomes. We have OCT scanners at both our Murrysville and West Newton offices.

Visual Electrophysiology (Diopsys®)

Diopsys® exams are painless, non-invasive, and safe ways for us to measure the health and function of your retina, the light sensitive part of your eye. It can even detect problems in the optical pathway between the eye and the brain. Several types of tests are possible, and exactly which one or which tests are performed depends on what vision disorders we suspect for each patient.

Visual electrophysiology is another new technology that helps us detect problems like glaucoma far earlier than ever before possible.

Autorefractor and Digital Eye Exams

Is that better or worse? How about this time? Almost everyone has had the experience of working with their optometrist and the many lenses of a device called the phoropter.

Today, autorefractors are computer-controlled devices that can digitally measure how much correction your eyes need by having you focus on an image or point of light. Autorefractor measurements are automatic and can be directly translated into a prescription for eyeglasses. This technology is ideal for small children, people with special needs, and those who have trouble verbally describing the differences they see through the traditional phoropter.

We may at times combine results of an autorefractor exam and phoropter tests to assure the ideal outcome for certain patients.

Today’s glasses are a combination of technical marvels and artistic choices. From reading and driving to playing sports, using computers, or even working hands-on in demanding occupations, we have you covered.

You are in a good hands....